tpwf_logoThere are some 90 state parks in Texas. But due to lack of funding, only a dozen or so have any structures on them. Joe Pool State Park has 500,000 visitors a year; yet they have no electrical connections, no structures, and now water. We can help Texas solve that problem.

The "Adopt a Cabin" Program

building1The problem with many fundraising programs is the results are vague. Donated funds vanish in overhead costs and so forth, making the donating person wonder if his money actually went to something concrete and constructive.

Our program enables citizens to adopt a cabin for the Texas Parks and Wildlife where it will be erected on the park of their choice, with a plaque that bears their name. It's a true win/win proposition: the state wins and the donating individuals win because they can see the results of what their money bought. The state receives valuable structure that can be re-configured in many different ways, so it will never grow obsolete.

building2The state may rent out the cabin to create a new income source to help pay for maintenance, grooming and rangers. The donating family begins a legacy that contributes to the well-being of many other people, encouraging others to discover nature and make the most of our natural park resources.

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporations may make larger contributions by donating for groups of 10 structures. Parks can allow them special rights to use the property for weekend get-a-ways, seminars or outdoor conferences in the natural beauty of Texas.

building5Schools, Clubs and Institutions

Many other organizations that work for the public good, such as social clubs, educational facilities and sports facilities can utilize our fundraising program to gain structures on otherwise empty and under utilized property.

Our patented modular design is a great investment because each structure can be re-configured in many ways. For example, three structures can be stacked to make a barn or large garage. Sides are removable so virtually any section may be replaced by windows, doors or walls -- in minutes!

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